Many prestigious scientists & Medical Doctors & well over 10,000 studies prove that EMF’s are now beyond a serious epidemic which causes a “significant percentage of disease we now face.” 2 Scientists are warning us by using words like “massive epidemic”, “biblical”, and worse! Here are just a few of the thousands of studies:

The Adlkofer Study:

One of the many studies should scare anyone with half of a brain. Franz Adlkofer, a well renowned German professor and DNA strand break (damage) expert showed this super scary result… 14

giving it much validity. But even if this expert was 100 times wrong in his data that would still mean 16 chest x-rays each day of cell phone use! This is a new but huge problem!

The above study is bad…but it gets worse…
MOST IMPORTANT WARNING YET – a Biblical-sized risk to humanity – you MUST LISTEN TO THIS PHYSICIST:

More compelling still…just listen to 2 minutes of this unbelievable warning from a leading expert, Berry Trower (ex-Special Forces Physicist in Britain who used microwaves as weapons…the same frequencies coming off Wi-Fi, Cell Phones, Baby Monitors, Play Stations, etc, etc!!!).


Please share this Berrie Trower video above with as many people as possible. Then maybe more will get serious and do their own research on this unbelievably important subject.

Here are a few other major studies & facts:
  • 1. CHILDREN → HAVE OVER 2 TIMES MORE DNA DAMAGE (& other symptoms)11
  • 2. MICROWAVE RADIATION INCREASED 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 IN JUST 10 YEARS (from 2007 to 2017)16

If all of these scientists are accurate, or even half accurate, then it is time for the public to wake up and find solutions that work for this true epidemic of biblical proportions. Great news…we love technology and truly believe that our products work and allow us to live scare-free!!!

Some more info below if you still want to learn more! 🙂

Overwhelming Evidence of EMF’s harmful effects (with over 4,000 EMF Studies…)

There are many organizations who study EMF’s and according to the BioInitiative.org there is already PLENTY of information available proving the harm that Man-Made EMF’s are doing to us. They publish over 4,000 studies on their web site alone. (*11)

The organization we trust the most is the BioInitiative Organization (at http://www.bioinitiative.org/conclusions) because they have the most amount of information and are totally unbiased.

They sell nothing and consist of a very prestigious group of scientists and environmental group leaders. If you are not already well informed of the biological effects of low frequency EMF’s then we strongly encourage you to read some studies and conclusions for yourself!

Most alarming might be the studies showing that our human DNA is being damaged after only minutes of exposure to common, daily EMF exposure. One of the first studies showing DNA damage from cell phones was by Dr Lai in 1998 when cell phone strength was a tiny fraction of today’s cell phone strength! (*3) Today’s phones are over 100 times the “safe limit” set by BioInitiative.org and respected experts like Dr Mercola predict that the litigation for the cell industry will dwarf what the cigarette industry went through years ago. Don’t be part of the experiment on the population.

Biological effects of EMF’s include: (11)

Polarization: A Key Difference between Man-made and Natural Electromagnetic Fields, in regard to Biological Activity

“All types of man-made EMFs/EMR – in contrast to natural EMFs/EMR – are polarized. Polarized EMFs/EMR can have increased biological activity, due to: 1) Ability to produce constructive interference effects and amplify their intensities at many locations. 2) Ability to force all charged/polar molecules and especially free ions within and around all living cells to oscillate on parallel planes and in phase with the applied polarized field. Such ionic forced-oscillations exert additive electrostatic forces on the sensors of cell membrane electro-sensitive ion channels, resulting in their irregular gating and consequent disruption of the cell’s electrochemical balance. These features render man-made EMFs/EMR more bioactive than natural non-ionizing EMFs/EMR. This explains the increasing number of biological effects discovered during the past few decades to be induced by man-made EMFs, in contrast to natural EMFs.” (*12)

For more information on EMF exposure and DNA you can also visit YouTube video by https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IJbCa-MZwXM

For more information on EMF exposure and saftely view this video by Dr Sanjay Gupta on Anderson Cooper 360…

What are EMF’s?

EMF’s are called “Electromagnetic Frequencies” and are more accurately called “Electromagnetic Radiation” (or EMR’s). Modern technologies are now bombarding us with lower frequency, man-made electromagnetic radiation at huge levels that people have never experienced until the last few years. This radiation is coming from: “Smart Meters”, WIFI, Cell Towers, SCADA Poles, high voltage power lines (above and below ground), transformers, cell phones, household electricity, electrical appliances, etc.

Other References:

Penn State Study and Article “Scientists End 13 Year Debate Proving Non-Ionizing RF Microwave Effect Causes Cell Phone Radiation DNA Damage”

Book “The Field” by Lynn McTaggart – describing the human Biofield from a scientific point of view of many scientific disciplines, different doctors and scientists, and from all around the world.