In 2013 there was a breakthrough discovery in a study from Washington State University. It showed that EMF’s were causing a reaction which lead to Voltage Gated Calcium Channels, Nitric Oxide, free radicals, and DNA Damage. It was a breakthrough discovery helping us connect the dots as to exactly HOW EMF’s are affecting us, not just knowing that they are through cause-and-effects studies only. See chart to the right. And to read more about it click: EMF-Effects-via-Voltage-Gated-Calcium-Channels-Dr-Martin-Pall.pdf (8)

This, other studies like it, and our own extensive research lead us to realize that we don’t have to address the EMF’s directly. We can address one of the dominos in the process (sort-of-speak). We found a way to remediate EMF’s by harmonizing the subatomic particles. SEE BELOW. This leads to amazing results like you can see in our many Testimonials, in the Blood Analysis study above (9), in the Acugraph Digital Imaging Tests (7), and more! Wow!!

♦ AMAZING PROOF OUR PRODUCTS WORK!: (Visual & other proofs that the observable biologic effects of EMF’s are gone when using our products)

There are at 6 ways we have shown that our products work, such as:
  • ♦ Blood Microscopy Testing (see images below)
  • ♦ Mold Tests (see images below)
  • ♦ Acugraph Tests (see graph below)
  • ♦ Muscle Testing (see explanation below) (4)
  • ♦ Avatar Testing
  • ♦ Testimonials (see Testimonial page for just a few but over half of the homes we remediate actually notice a difference & give us a testimonial!!!)
EMF’s accelerating Mold growth but NOT with our products!!!!

Two pieces of bread from the same loaf placed same distance from Wi-Fi. Bread on right has Appliance Harmonizer under it for EMF remediation and resulted in ZERO observable mold. 3 weeks later Bread on right had NO observable mold still!

(This picture is after 7 days.) Dr Klinghardt says the same results can happen in our body!


Based on the 2013 breakthrough discovery in Washington State University’s study regarding Voltage Gated Calcium Channels, many other studies (some found at and theories of EMF Solutions’ own scientist(s) and inventors, we’ve come up with an awesome yet simple theory to explain the basics of not only how EMF’s damage DNA but also how our products remediate EMF’s.

The quick explanation of how our products work is this:

EMF Solutions products organize or “harmonize” subatomic particles. We do this by using earth-based materials which are scientifically proven to harmonize this way.

EMF’s are basically traveling photons. Photons are the basic units of light and energy. Photons are quantum (super tiny) energy particles traveling at the speed of light in a wave form. In outer space (a vacuum) these photons travel at the speed of light basically unimpeded. But when traveling through our walls and through our atmosphere they run into and through a sea of random subatomic particles. These light speed forces are crashing into each other and helping to create what we call “Subatomic Chaos”, so much chaos that the EMF’s photons actually now often travel much SLOWER than the speed of light, “c”. To remediate the EMF’s, our products simply and effectively address this Subatomic Chaos. See chart above.

We use four different materials in our products. The materials we use are proprietary, but they are earth-based materials which we test in different combinations for maximum results. Some of the amazing proof that our products and raw materials are working can be seen at the independently performed Blood Microscopy Testing (see top of this page) (9), the Acugraph Digital Imaging studies (see chart & study below) (7), BDORT testing (4), the huge amount of Testimonials, and more!

Here’s yet another experiment showing that our Products work so well when testing Organ Acupuncture Points:

AcuGraph Digital Imaging Experiment measured the Energetic Status (“Power” or “Chi”) of a person(s) after 2 minutes of strong EMF exposure. (*6&7)


The results were an average of 36% higher (better) results while using the EMF Patch versus not using the EMF Patch…yielding better P.I.E. Scores for each Test Subject as follows: {40 to 60}, {45 to 60}, and {42 to 52}. So according to the Acugraph Testing Equipment and manuals, the Test Subjects have significant amount higher and more balanced energy levels at all 12 Organ & Glands. (*6&7)



Is WIFI and other EMF exposure dangerous or safe? There are still experiments saying both sides but you can take simple steps to minimize your risk greatly. See products section.

Here’s another video on CNN with legitimate safety precautions advised…

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