We have MANY MORE testimonials than below. They are super common and over 1/2 of our Home/Condo Kit clients can actually notice a difference within days. (1)

After Home Kit Installed:

“It completely eliminated the headaches I was having DAILY! I sleep so MUCH better and I wake up before my alarm clock! I feel rested and with much more energy throughout the day. My girlfriend noticed the same thing and she had NO CLUE that you came to fix our house!…I can’t thank you enough…you’ve truly made my life more enjoyable.”

Larry T. (Chula Vista, CA)
After using EMF Patch for one day:

A.S (Pacific Beach, CA)

After Home Kit Installed:

“(My wife) said she has more energy, feels happier, and more grounded. The house feels clearer. She usually gets cramps around her cycle and didn’t this month…our son slept through the night too which was amazing!”span>

Dr. Ian Hoffman (San Diego, CA) – Chiropractor
After using Better ZZZ’s product:

Last night (the first night using the Better ZZZ’s) I slept better than I have in a year, thanks to your magical little bean bag. I’m so grateful!”

Amy.H. (San Diego, CA) – Acupunturist
After Home Kit Installed:

A few days after the EMF Remediation to my house and property the constant pain levels in my body diminished by 90%. Ever since I moved to this house I slowly began to experience health issues, primarily pain, fatigue, and insomnia…I tested my house and had it remediated. The results were night and day. I now sleep deeply through the night and the physical body pain is nearly completely gone.

R.B. (Poway, CA) – Holistic Practitioner
After using Plug-N-Rest near bed:

I’m “noticing a remarkable feeling of restfulness upon waking in the morning…consequently (I’m) having more energy daily as a result of sleeping better.

Ian (San Diego, CA)
After using Better ZZZ’s product:

“I’m currently away at boarding school and was given your Better ZZZ’s product. I didn’t think it would do much honestly, but ever since I put it under my mattress I’ve been sleeping much better than any time since I’ve been away at school. I love this product. I didn’t even know that I had an energy issue until I used this under my mattress. Thank you so much!”

Lance J. (Carlsbad, CA)
After Home Kit Installed & using EMF Patch & Car Plug-In:

“I’m noticing better sleep, and no more headaches upon awaking…Also since using the (EMF) Patch & remediating my cell phone and my car the numbness in my left leg has disappeared! One more thing – I have had an itchy patch of skin on my body for years that just wouldn’t go away – it’s now 90% gone…”

Lisa D. – Colon Hydro-therapist (San Diego, CA)
After Home Kit Installed:

an itchy patch of skin on my body for years that just wouldn’t go away – it’s “The house feels so good…I slept deeper than I have in a very long time 🙂 I can’t thank you enough!!“

RZ (San Diego, CA)
Vicki N. (Practitioner from San Diego, CA)
After Home Kit Installed:

“The whole house product has been in for two weeks and I’ve noticed I’m truly rested when I awake in the a.m. and my husband has more energy in general. Thanks!”

Nic.M. (San Diego, CA)
After Office Remediation (using Home Kit):

“My building put in Solar Electric (Solar Panels on the roof). My office went from calm to chaotic. The energy became…”depleting” and left me tired at the end of the day. I cannot thank (you) enough for the remediation….Since (then) my clients come into the office saying “it feels so good and calm in here” and now I have energy all day. This is fabulous.

Lisa Klinker, RN & Health Consultant (San Diego, CA)
After Home Kit Installed:

“I was concerned about EMF’s affecting the health of me and my family so I had Cory come out for testing and a free estimate for the EMF Home Remediation Service. We had my home and two other homes (my family lives in) serviced. Cory explained everything, tested the home before and after with me, and did an amazing job for us. We all can feel a difference now and the most surprising thing was even my husband (who didn’t really believe this would help our health much) commented on feeling better the very first night after it was completed! We feel calmer, healthier, and I believe this has improved all of our health. I recommend that everyone learns about how EMF radiation can affect your family and I recommend EMF Solutions’ products and services. We are happy enough to so far to refer two friends for the Home Service and to also buy many additional products to help others we care about as well.”

J.D. (Escondido, CA)
After using EMF Keyboard Pad:

“I’ve been using the EMF Keyboard Pad for my laptop for a few weeks now and have really felt a difference. I use it on my lap a lot of the time and its noticeably lessening my sensitivity to EMF’s. I often would get heart palpitations while working for hours online, but this works and I have not noticed any (heart) palpitations while using it. Highly recommended!

Jacque P. (Encinitas, CA)
After Home Kit Installed:

One week after:Since getting the Home Service done I am feeling and doing a lot better.

Five months after the service: It still seemsSmore calming and I LOVE BEING HOME 🙂”

L.B. (San Diego, CA)
After using EMF Keyboard Pad:

“The EMF Keyboard Harmonizer has done wonders for me! I have been using it for about a month now and have already felt a difference in the way I feel while I am working on the computer. I used to feel exhausted with severe headaches after just an hour of computer work. After using the EMF Keyboard (Pad) regularly I have noticed a huge difference in my ability to work in front of the computer for long periods of time! I feel that I have more energy and have noticed a significant decrease in my headaches!”

N.F. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Kit Self-Installed:

After one night using products –> “After a month of not sleeping well and having a cough…I slept great last night and my cough is about gone!”

Dave K (Austin, MN)
After Home Kit Installed:

“After having Cory come out and remediate my new house I had two separate guests come. Each told me the nights they had at our house were the best nights’ sleep they had in a long time. I knew this was because of Cory’s work immediately.”

Nancy S. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Kit:

…”I wake feeling brighter and chipper and I can get going much faster in the mornings than I used to. Cory’s work really made a big difference and I can definitely feel it. I already started recommending this to my neighbors and friends.”

M.A. (Point Loma, CA)
After Home Kit:

“I want to recommend EMF Solutions to everyone to improve the Feng Shui energy and EMF Radiation levels at their home. Cory Hillis is extremely knowledgeable, has modern secrets that work instantly, and did a fantastic job in just a few hours. Here’s my brief story: I moved into a home next to powerlines and I could tell these were hurting my ability to sleep and affecting my health. I actually was planning to move. But when (EMF Solutions) was finished it felt amazing. The first night I slept great and my true test was that I have more energy than I’ve had in a long time. My swim workouts instantly improved a ton. I could swim over an hour and recover quicker than I thought possible. My home and I feel great!”

J.B. (La Jolla, CA)
EMF Patch:

After only 2 days –> “I am still amazed how much effect the patch has. Haven’t had this low level of pain for…I don’t even know.”

Alex S. (San Diego, CA)
EMF Patch:

After one week –> “Since wearing the Patch I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the frequency and intensity of a spasming (pain) and tingling in my right shoulder.

Peter B. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Kit Installed & Plug-In-Rest at Work Office:

Previously feeling tired all day & using products less than one week –> “I spend time in my house and it feels amazing. Woke up at 5am this morning fully rested! (Normally I wake at 10am feeling still very tired.) Thank you so much.”

Megan C. (Los Angeles, CA)

We have MANY MORE testimonials. They are super common and we receive them on a regular basis!

(1) Many people using one product can notice a difference but when we’ve followed up with a group of 20 who used the Home or Condo Kit, over 1/2 of those give us positive comments and testimonials or tell us they noticed feeling different (in a better way…calmer, less fatigue, clear focus, and much more).