SEE THE SHORT VIDEO PLUS NEARLY 200 MORE TESTIMONIALS WRITTEN BELOW. TESTIMONIALS ARE COMMON, more so than anywhere else! But FYI - where there's no symptom change no worries, the products always work. When we remediate EMFs from our home, work, automobile, and personal devices it appears that our bodies could get extra energy and use it for reasons wonderfully unique to each person.

EMF Solutions products do not treat, cure, or prevent any disease or medical condition. On this page you’ll see any suggestions or even hints of disease or medical conditions blocked out with “xxxx” instead.

After Home Remediation:

“Ever since you installed the EMF Solutions equipment at my house it made a WORLD of a difference! It completely eliminated the (head tensions) I was having DAILY ! I also sleep MUCH better and I wake up before my alarm clock ! That part was huge for me because I would have the hardest time waking up I was rested and with much more energy throughout the day. My girlfriend noticed thee thing and she had NO CLUE that you came to fix our house. I wanted to see if she felt it without knowing and she did! I can’t thank you enough, you’ve truly made my life more enjoyable.”

Larry T. (Chula Vista, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“As a Naturopathic doctor I use all the tools to support my family. However there were stubborn areas in our health where I was not seeing enough improvement. I purchased the total house remediation package to protect our family but I was pleasantly surprised at the results! After 45 minutes with all of the products an old chronic injury released and the (tension) I experienced daily has disappeared. My children (6 and 4) are sleeping through the night for the first time ever and my occasional (sleep issues) has resolved. I highly recommend these products.”

Dr. Bridget A. (N.D.) – (Yorba Linda, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Since I got the entire home fix plus Better ZZZs and car and computer harmonizer just 2 days ago, every day I feel something different. First day I noticed the fresh air and less xxxx. Slept amazing first night and next day I worked all day on my computer without taking a break and experienced no fatigue!!! Slept amazing again 2nd night and now noticed no sign of XXXX I was developing. Almost zero xxxx today. Also noticed my memory was great and my jokes a ton funnier!!..Thankfully. Not bad for two days.”

Dr. Parvin N. (Los Angeles, CA)
After Personal Bands:

“It’s been nearly six months since my husband and I received our bands. We are so impressed with the results. Within the first 24 hours after putting them on, the terrible (tension) in my foot and hip that I’d had for two months were completely gone... But by day seven my back (tension) was reduced quite significantly. And my (recurring (head tensions)) are farther between with much less severity most of the time and I experience far less brain fog and much better cognition. We’re so grateful for your products. Thanks a million.”

Louise H. (USA)
After Home Remediation:

“Since using your product I have been sleeping and feeling much better. The tingling in my arms while holding my phone has disappeared. The whole house has a much better feel. I have more energy and my wife and I have started working out again with the better sleep and extra energy it is much easier to accomplish goals. The products work great and even made sure we took them to Tahoe.”

Ben F. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I’ve never been able to “feel energy” before, but after remediating our house and then going to the neighbor’s I felt like I was getting knocked back over. My xxxx have settled down quite a bit as well. Only been 2 days, but I feel like I’m sleeping better and waking up more refreshed.

Nick D. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“We have recently discovered that my kids are super sensitive to EMF. I was looking at your website and I’m not sure my husband was entirely convinced that we needed to take the plunge and buy your bracelets. For Christmas, a good friend sent my kids your bracelets (bands). Since my daughters were out of town, my husband grabbed one of the bands and attached it to his hat. (He works in front of a computer all day long.) About an hour later, he found me in the kitchen and said, “Real or perceived, there is something to this! My energy is better. I feel really positive. Not so tired. And, my (recurring (head tension)) is gone!” Amazing! He’s been scouring your website and we are placing our order today! Thank you so much for making these products available to help improve my family’s health!”

Gerald F. (USA)
After Home Remediation:

“During the holidays our daughter in law became very sick and the doctors could not diagnose her with anything so we took our entire bundle, personal card, and adult band over to their home and she has not had an (episode) since. AND we did not realize how the Home Remediation Bundle helped us with sleep until we didn’t have it. So I am ordering another bundle for our home.”

Roberta S. (USA)
After Home Remediation:

My house feels still. Like it does when the power is out.”

Shannon B. (Seattle, WA)
After Home Remediation:

“After I put on the second box it took about 2-3 hours until the energy calmed down...then I started feeling really good and worked until 2am... slept real deep for 5 hours and woke up feeling great... I notice mind claritythe most I will definitely be recommending the meter boxes to everyone.”

Kristi (Miami, FL)
After Better ZZZ’s:

“The better ZZZ’s saves me hours of time by causing me to fall asleep faster instead of lying there awake in the darkness. Now I actually look forward to bedtime instead of struggling and laboring to fall asleep. The sleep quality is amazingly velvety, softly peaceful and restorative.

Randall (Honolulu, HI) - Practitioner
After Home Remediation:

“We are feeling great! It’s actually pretty amazing the extra energy I feel. Our sleep has been so much better and just a general good healthy feeling every day. Also, the house has theoverall “clean” feeling to it. Thank you again for providing such an incredibly healing product that is available to all. We are very grateful!”

Ruth M. (Escondido, CA)
After Better ZZZ’s:

“I am so impressed with the difference the Better ZZZs made ! I have always had trouble sleeping and never felt rested when I had to get up in the morning- I frequently even woke with (recurring head tension). I never would have guessed how much of the problem was coming from EMF’s! Using Better ZZZs made me wake up less through the night, and I feel so much better when I wake - like I’ve recently slept deeply and have gotten the rest I needed.This product lives up to its name for sure- thank you so much!.”

M.U. – San Diego, CA
After Home Remediation:

“Thank you for your products ! I’ve been dealing with insomnia for 3 years, after remediating my home with your products, I slept: 14 hours that night!! The next night I slept 12 hours. And every night after that I’ve slept at least 8 hours. I notice my sleep is deeper, more restful, and I’m dreaming again ! I feel like I’m getting myself back! Thank you!.”

Jennifer C. (Phoenix, AZ)
After Home Remediation:

“I’m not usually one to put testimonials down on paper! But I do have amazing results I have hadwith our apartment being remediated! Almost within hours I had a peace and calm which is beyond words but at the same time, an amazing amount of energy! A XXXX on my leg which comes and goes for months is completely gone!. But that which is most significant and miraculous is my sleep experience. I have been taking XXXX or XXXX sleep remedies for probably 20 years! And now I am sleeping like I was a teenager again ! Without any sleepaids! Thank you EMF Solutions for changing my days and nights!!!”

Leslie H (San Diego, CA)
After Home Harmonizer:

“he whole house product has been in for 2 weeks and I’ve noticed I’m truly rested when I awake in the am and my husband has more energy in general. Thank!”

Nicolee M. (Hillcrest, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I used a rep that came into my home and tested all my appliances, Wi-Fi, smart meter, computers, and recommended products to harmonize the EMF’s. This has by far been the biggest breakthrough in my health because I was experiencing extreme insomnia and xxxx which are mostly GONE just from this one fix I will warn you it’s not cheap, but soooo worth it!!! This has given me back my life and I am now working a full time physical labor job that I never would have been able to sustain if I still had this level of insomnia. My xxxx is lower... andmy physical energy is so much improved!”

Ryan M-s Client (Star, ID)
After Home Remediation:

“My son was suffering from recurring (head tensions) and xxxx for months since he moved into his new San Francisco apartment. I gave him EMF Solutions corrections about two weeks ago and all symptoms were gone within a day!!

“As for symptom reversals. Yesterday, 3rd day, I felt very relaxed and sleepy , took couple naps,felt like my systems were resetting, slept great the night woke up refreshed. But something even greater, I’ve had xxxx for 2-3 months...(after days it )was completely normal. Wow I see how people totally need to correct their EMF exposure.

Dr. P.N. - Dr of Psychology (Los Angeles, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I have to say this is the first time in a very long time that I feel much better when I woke up this morning. I have had for a very long time breathing problems through my nose as if I was always have a blocked nasal passage on one side or the other all the time. And it’s amazing I placed the product under the mattress and when I woke up this morning I can breathe normaland I feel much better.

Steven S.(San Diego, CA)
After Condo Bundle:

“From the first night I got my condo bundle with room harmonizers I slept better and didn’t have nightmares and felt so well rested and so did my entire family. I personally suffered a condition that started from living in a heavily EMF polluted apartment that effected my xxxx and overall health. I found solutions along the way but nothing like this. I can say I have reversed my condition and use EMF Solutions everywhere for me and my family and all my patients. Thank you EMF Solutions for coming out with these tools! They are so much needed inthis time. I highly recommend!”

Dr. Lauren M. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

I’m amazed at the improved sleep!.”

Lila B. (Santa Barbara, CA)
After Personal Card:

“I am so surprised and amazed- I wore my personal card all weekend for my Army Reserve duty last weekend. Usually after my weekend, when I get home, I am so tired and run down and always get a huge recurring (head tension) that won’t go away until I sleep, and sometimes it evens remains the next day. But this time I didn’t get a recurring (head tension)!! I really couldn’t believe it – When I got home, I had enough energy to make dinner and play with my kids, with no (head tension) whatsoever!! I’m so thankful!!”

Amy S. (USA)
After Home Remediation:

“I am currently working with a practitioner. Through biofeedback testing it was discovered that my energy was imbalanced and being compromised by EMF’s. After starting to use the EMF Solutions products, the EMF imbalance had cleared up. Thank you so much for helping me get my health back on track!”

Monique (Vista, CA)
After Home Remediation:

I’m sleeping like a baby!

Cindy R. (Las Vegas, NV)
After Home Remediation:

“Thank you so much for you products because they truly work! We have the home remedy kit as well as personal cards for my family and I and I feel what normal is again like a kid back on the family farm. No more brain fog, (head tensions), uneasy high sensitivity in my own home whether it’s my cell phone, Wi-Fi or laptop. I sleep like a rock and rested when up. I can worklong days without yawning once because of being tired. All I can say is GOD bless you for your life saving products!

Gabe R. (USA)
After Home Remediation of numerous clients:

“I am seeing huge positive shifts in clients who once tested for EMF related stressors whonow have a remediated home, vehicle, and are wearing the personal card/band!!! Seeing the shifts via Biofeedback tests and rectification percentages”

“I have been seeing a client (for biofeedback) for a few months now who has a chronic case of xxxx. When I first started working with this client, they couldn’t hold a conversation/ stick to the same topic for more than a minute. This client has been making steady progress with Biofeedback but it wasn’t until I started expressing the importance of EMF remediation for the home to this clients family when things started to shift, after 6 sessions, I learned that the home’s router was only three feet away from my clients bed and it has been there for the past ten years! The family was completely on board to remediate the home so I installed it immediately. A week later (after home remediation) I conducted a Biofeedback session and the client proceeded to have a full 35 minute (90% on topic) conversation with me! This client practiced as an ND and used homeopathy as their primary modality. They helped so many people so it has been an honor to do my best and give back. Using EMF Solutions products has absolutely benefited this client and their quality of life. I can’t wait to see the positive progress to come.”

Sara V (Port Saint Lucie, FL)
After Home Remediation:

“I am feeling good. My ears ring loudly in my bedroom”(from hearing or experiencing EMFs). I put a plug (room harmonizer) in there. It seemed better but still ringing a little. After a few days the ringing in the bedroom has subsided

Barbara E. (USA)
After Home Remediation:

“Since remediation of the house, my husband doesn’t get massive recurring (head tensions) the Smart meter is right behind his pillow). My 3 year old is much calmer in the house. Before he used to get wide eyed, wild ultra-hyper, couldn’t calm himself. Now, he doesn’t get like that at all at home. When were somewhere that’s not remediated, he begins losing focus and has more frequent behavior issues. I’m waiting to see what other changes we will have. Thank you for helping us!”

Camielle L. (Chicago, IL)
After Home Remediation:

“I feel so calm and love being home.

Linda B. (SD, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I’m sleeping much better. I can really feel a shift in my home now...I love being here again!”

Diane M. (Fallbrook, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I am sleeping much better and know it is less amped vibrational.

Shirley S. (La Mesa, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“After having a rep come out and remediate my new house. I had 2 separate guest come. Eachtold me the nights they had at our house were the best night’s sleep they had in a long time. I knew it was because of (EMF Solutions) work immediately.”

Nancy S. (SD, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I noticed a great difference in my sleep after using the wall plug in. Iexperienced a deeper and uninterrupted sleep and felt more rested than I have in a long time after using your product.”

Amanda (San Antonio, TX)
After Home Remediation:

“The house feels so good. I slept deeper than I have in a very long time. I can’t you enough!!”

Roz (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I have been sleeping thru the night again after month of disruption. Thank you.”

Tami S (Escondido, CA)
After Home Remediation:

My house feels so pure. Thank you so much!”

Naada (New York, NY)
After Home Remediation:

“I’m feeling better for sure. I was getting bad tension over the past few months and I couldn’t figure out what was causing it.I think that was it!

Courtney (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I slept great last night and the random xxxx I had for over a month is about gone!”

Dave (Mesa, AZ)
After Home Remediation:

“Thanks again for setting up our home. I’ve noticed the quality of my sleep is deeper and that I’ve had vivid dreams on a number of occasions. Everything feels great.”

Chris (San Francisco, CA)
After Better ZZZ’s and Personal Card XL:

“The remediation on my cell phone is tremendous difference. I am psyched about that. Also loving the EMF personal card. Sleeping well with the Better ZZZ’s although it took me a minute to get used to it. I think I did a detox. The I car plug in is really good too.”

Rachael B (Phoenix, AZ)
After Home Remediation:

“I took the rest of the day off to spend time in the house after fixing everything. Felt amazing. Woke up at 5am this morning fully rested.

Megan C (Los Angeles, CA)
After Personal Card XL:

“Just wanted to let you know that since wearing the personal card I’ve noticed decrease in thefrequency and intensity of (twinges) and tingling in my right shoulder.

Peter B (Pacific Beach, CA)
After Personal Card XL:

“I am still amazed how much effect the personal card has. Haven’t had this low level of (tension) for... I don’t even know.”

Alex S (Pacific Beach, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I use to get tension in the head area often, but ever since you fixed my house w/ the box on my electric meter,I haven’t had a single one. It’s been over a month.”

Grace (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Notice a remarkable feeling of a restfulness upon waking up in the morning. Definitely not waking up as frequently and if I do I am able to fall back asleep immediately. Consequently having more energy daily as a result of sleeping better.”

Ian (Encinitas, CA)
After Room Harmonizer(s)

“I noticed a great difference in my sleep after using the wall plug-in… I experienced a deeper and uninterrupted sleep and felt more rested than I have in a long time after using your product.”

Amanda C. (San Antonio, TX)
After Home Remediation:

“Since living in my new space I had the most peaceful night sleep ever !! Thank you for everything you did and all of your expertise and training and information. I feel this is the best house warming gift to ever give yourself or anyone! I feel so peaceful here now where it was chaotic feeling before.

Monique F (Honolulu, HI)
After Home Remediation:

“Ever since we got solar my wife wakes up with ( recurring head tension)and now that we have installed your home harmonizer about six months ago she no longer has (the recurring head tension) we thank you very very much.”

Michael M (Encinitas, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“The day after you left I had which is unusual for me and took my son on a long walk to the beach. I was up doing stuff until 10pm that night, when I usually lay down around 8. I have had more energy and felt more alert. My son woke the next morning saying he felt relaxed. Overall I’m very happy and please with the results1 thank you!”

Lori R (San Diego, CA)
After Better ZZZ’s & Home Harmonizer:

“Since installing the (home harmonizer) box my sleep and overall focus has improved! The Better ZZZ’s was good by itself but since adding the box its 10x better.

Jason M (Chula Vista, CA)
After Home Remediation:

Great night sleep , which is monumental for me.”

Sabrina B (Rancho Santa Margarita, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I slept longer last night, which is what I have been desperately needing!”

Eileen (Los Angeles, CA)
After Home Remediation & Cell Chip:

“My Fiancé said his sleep has been great. I haven’t gotten severe (tension in my head area) with my cell phone when looking things up which is awesome!”

Alyssa (Chino Hills, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Unexpected. My cat seems to be way more energetic and present, since you did your magic. He is 14 years old and has been sleeping a lot. And he sleeps by the Wi-Fi box. In the last three days he has woken me up in the morning, is sleeping less and playing more. He’s even been going outside and patrolling the perimeter for invaders. It’s amazing!! I’m still feeling great!! Sleeping way better!! I am incredibly impressed with what you are doing and I hope to help others make this shift as well.”

Michele A (La Mesa, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I want to let you know that I slept for 7 hours last night, straight through ! I haven’t done that in years!! I woke up with less (stiff feeling) as well!! I’m super excited!! Thank you so much!!”

Michelle A (Orange County, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Thank you again for helping us remedy our house. We had no idea how much EMF’s affected us until after the EMF (home harmonizer) and other products were installed. Sleeping better than before. Also we were finally able to get xxxx shortly after everything was installed.

Andy (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I can feel the peace and calm after the storm! Oh my gosh what a difference to have a peaceful night sleep. I am forever in gratitude! I didn’t know I had any issues with my sleep (routine) but after last night I realiz(ed) that I haven’t had a good night’s sleep until then.”

Judy S (Los Angeles, CA)
After Home Remediation & Personal Card:

“Since using your products, I sleep better, my cat sleeps through the night (which has NEVER happened in the 10 years I’ve had him), and he’s even more chill during the day. I now feel the difference when I’m out and about and forget to wear my (Personal Card) — especially on the cardio equipment at the gym. I feel so much better now, that wearing my blue-tooth headset makes me feel noticeably nauseous and gives me (head tensions). You and your products are amazing I love telling people about them. Thank you!”

Raquel D (Detroit, MI)
After Home Remediation:

“I can say that I noticed an immediate difference with the cats. Despite a new environment (ANY change- even moving a piece of furniture- usually sends them into a panic for days) they have been super calm since yesterday. Thank you.”

Dena H. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I feel pretty good. It seems lighter and my slight (head tensions) has gone away.Our dog is not doing his twitchy behavior or sneezing and coughing like he was before and seems calmer. ”

Kathy P. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I am now noticing better sleep, and no more (head tension) upon awaking while I was staying in a place that had a smart meter right next to my sleeping area! Also since using the (Personal Card) & remediating my cell phone and car (yikes! It’s a chaos box!) The numbness and tingling in my left leg has disappeared ! One more thing- I have had an xxxx on my body for years that just wouldn’t go away- it’s now 90% gone and I haven’t tried any new creams or remedies.”

Lisa D. (Pacific Beach, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“We all detoxed for a bit but then after that I myself had a huge increase of energy ! It was/is awesome! My entire being felt better, clearer, “lighter”, and even happier/ I sleep so well now- it’s amazing! My husband who had no idea that I did it also detoxed and noticed an increase in energy and better sleep. He over all seemed “less stressed” and he approved that I EMF busted the house even though I didn’t tell him lol… my toddler, the child that doesn’t talk and is in the autistic preschool started talking more! It was crazy everyday he said about 3-4 new words and he started to copy word sounds that we would practice with him! We were all super excited about that! Healso had less tantrums. My 11 year old and 9 year old unbelievably fought less, slept better and seemed more “calm and focused” I am so glad that I did this! I will be ordering more products soon…”

Ursula S. (SD, CA)
After Room Harmonizer, Personal Card & Device Chip:

“I was intrigued by your interview with Del Bigtree on The Highwire, so I ordered a Room Harmonizer as well a Personal Card and a Device Clip. The Room Harmonizer in particular seems to help with sleep and keeping my autistic daughter calm.

Gayle D. (Morristown, NJ)
After Home Remediation:

“I learned about the radiation in my home and how it could be affecting (my son) and myself. (My son) is now communicating at a new level. He pronounces words with ease and has conversations with me about things and shows that he can learn effortlessly. This was not the case a week ago. It’s like a cloud lifted and we get to see our son for the first time. His sparkles in his eyes are much brighter and he shows so much excitement for his “new world.” Just last night he noticed that his name was spelled on the wall and he was so excited to see it and pronounced all the letters… He just needed to end the assault of the EMFs on his little body. Thank you thank you thank you. A million thank you’s!!!”

Sarah H. (LaJolla, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“EMF Solutions made me feel human again by supporting real restful sleep and less daytime fatigue due to my EMF sensitivities which became chronic in my new place of residence.”

Darek T. (Santa Rosa, CA)
After Personal Card XL:

“I’ve been using the (Personal Card) in my pocket for about 2 weeks now. I was traveling when I first purchased the patch and caught a red eye before returning to work the next day. With only 3 hours of sleep, I didn’t skip a beat the entire week! I had significantly more energy and my performance wasn’t effected. In fact, my team even noticed that I had more stamina then they did. I can’t wait to take it to the next level with EMF Solutions at my office!”

Jesse F. (Yuba, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“The second night I woke up with no back (tension) and I woke up bright eyed two hours earlier without my alarm! I felt good and ready to start my day! I never wake up before my alarm goes off. My son who usually can’t fall asleep right when he goes to bed said he couldn’t believe how fast he feel asleep the first night. ” I am looking forward to see how we all are doing in the coming days and weeks. Thank you again!

Lisa D. (San Diego, CA)
Personal Card XL:

“I wore the XL (Personal Card) during a trip for the first time, and noticed a difference right away at the airport. Usually flights are exhausting, beginning with check-in, but this time I felt well rested, energized, and was able to read and comprehend what I was reading on the plane! Thank you so much!”

Sarah (Austin, TX)
After Home Remediation:

“A few days after the EMF remediation to my house and property, the constant (tension) levels in my body diminished by about 90%. Ever since I moved to this house, I slowly began to experience a gradual increase of health issues, primarily xxx, fatigue, and insomnia until I was so bad that I felt bad nearly 100% of my waking hours. I sought help from a variety of holistic…”

Renae B. (San Diego, CA) - Practitioner
After Home Remediation:

“Had a horrible day yesterday with massive (head tension) all day/night but I just saw 14 people in a row today and still feel great!! Energy is spot on and no xxxx or (head tension).

Brandy A. (LaJolla, CA)
After Home Remediation:

..Sleeping really so much deeper. I had these puffy bags under my eyes so much better and some days almost gone. I never knew what they were from. Brandy (practitioner) said I was detoxing so many things, medication, XXXX, and all kinds of xxxx. It’s crazy. Thank u!”

Tonja W. (Del Mar, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“After remediating the EMFs at my home the first night my son slept better and longer than he ever had before. But more sohis 3 month xxxx and xxxx disappeared in less than a day. Wow and thank you.”

Matt H. (Poway, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“The first night I actually slept 5 hours straight! That hasn’t happened since I moved here ! When I got up I did not have muscles aches which I’ve had since coming! Muscles not so tight so my physical therapist can make more progress! No stiff neck AND no (head tension) or feeling cranky!”

Darla E. (Las Vegas, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“The building put in solar electric. My office went from calm to chaotic. The energy in my office became energy depleting and left me tired at the end of the day…Since the remediation of the building my clients come into the office saying “it feels so good and calm in here” and now I have energy all day. This is fabulous! Thank you.”

Lisa K. R.N. & Health Consultant (Mission Beach, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Since your visit on Tuesday we have noticed a more grounded and less “jangly” atmosphere in our house. The EMF “vibes” seem to have slowed down and it seems our bodies are able to exhale and relax more than they used to.Although we are still adjusting to the new energy during the waking hours we seem. to be sleeping deeper and longer since the house was treated. Thanks for coming out and taking a look at our situation…”

Tom C. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation and Personal Card:

“I gave Phillip his (Personal Card) to put in his pocket. Less than 20 minutes later there was no more (head tensions) or xxxx. ! Later in the evening, and before we went home, he took the (Personal Card) out of his pocket and the (head tensions) came back. (We were also not in the car.) With regards to the house, last night was the first night both me son and I had a good night’s sleep without needing some sort of background noise be it the TV or music to fall asleep. We also both slept through the night. (Usually we both wake up multiple times.) I am really looking forward to seeing what other changes…”

Lisa R. (Scripps Ranch, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“(My wife) said she has more energy, feels happier, and more grounded. The house feels clearer, she usually gets xxxx and didn’t this month. Our son slept through the night too which was amazing! I actually felt a buzz of energy the first few days, it was amazing! To be honest, Iwas skeptical when we first spoke but now I’m a true believer. We’ve protected our whole home, our office, our phones, our computer, our beds, and our WIFI. For the prices you charge and how good we feel it was a no brainer!”

Ian H. (Carlsbad, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“The past two nights have had some awesome sleep and energy throughout the day!

Justin C. (Poway, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Just wanted to let you know that after you first came to my house to do the EMF treatment, I noticed that my knees and hips and all over joints did not xxxx as much and actually felt better. Then we got solar and (tension) started (happening) again. You came to the house and did a retreatment, which then required more EMF treatment, then afterward my joint (tension felt better) again. Thank- you….”

Julie M. (Encinitas, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Thank you so much for coming to our house and helping us with the EMFs. I know that was what had caused me to do a lot of coughing and feel so anxious all the time. Since you been to our house I’ve slept better, had more energy in the morning, my workouts have increased and I feel less anxious. So glad we had you to come and neutralize the EMFs in our house.”

Jill Y. (San Diego, CA)
After Cell Chip:

“Hello! Just wanted to let you know I’ve used other EMF chips with no apparent results with yours I instantly felt clearer headed and more energy so much appreciated! Thank you.”

Carina Q. (La Jolla, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I’ve been feeling much better at my house and sleeping deep… Also saw some improvements in the gym. Lifted with and without the (Personal Card) and feel a little more grounded and stronger with (it)…Thank you.”

M. McDonald (Orange County, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Thanks so much for the equipment. My boyfriend and I noticed a difference in our home and we are getting good sound sleep now and feel more productive.

Mercla J. (USA)
After Home Remediation:

“We are feeling great! It’s actually pretty amazing the extra energy I feel. Our sleep has been so much better and just a general good healthy feeling every day. Also, the house has the overall “clean” feeling to it. Thank you again for providing such an incredibly healing product that is available to all. We are very grateful! ”

Ruth M. (Escondido, CA)
After Room Harmonizer, Device Chip & Personal Card:

“After using the (Room Harmonizer), (Personal Card), and WIFI and cell phone chips I my apt. I have a sense of peace and calm never before experienced. I have in the past relied on meditation music to treat my symptoms. I was diagnosed with xxxx 4 months ago and opted out of conventional treatments. I have utilized holistic methods to (support) this condition and have had some improvements but EMF Solutions products have decreased my symptoms dramatically.”

George E. (La Mesa, CA)
After Home Remediation:

I’m sleeping much better. I used t take me forever to fall asleep…and it would take 30 to 45 minutes to get back to sleep. That is much improved... I feel like my ability to detox was greatly increased by being in a cleaner house.”

Anastasia M. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I just wanted to say how grateful I am for your help! Despite a busy schedule with school. I am noticing I am so much more calm and focused! One interesting thing I noticed is that I have not had xxxx symptoms at all since the remediation and I have had many xxxx issues in the pastthat I treated many times with ND’s but symptoms always returned. This is huge for me!.... I am getting much deeper sleep and have even woken up without an alarm a few times! I am so happy with the changes that I am noticing but also understand that my body is now able to repair and regenerate at a deeper level.”

Morgan L. (Manchester, NH)
After Home Remediation:

Deeper sleep…better dreams…calm yet energized ..usually pretty tired at the end of the day now plenty of energy especially come workout time. I can focus on tasks with ease…

Joel D. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

EMF Solutions provided great council and support to remediate our home and all the technology we carry. I have found that I sleep better and am grateful for the (Personal Devices) available to wear when I’m out and about. I work around a great deal of technology and really appreciate this service and the awareness the EMF Solutions team has and the collaborative nature employed to resolve our family’s EMF exposure. I highly recommend this organization.”

Sherrill M. (San Diego, CA)
After Room Harmonizers & Laptop Chips:

“I plugged one of the (Room Harmonizers) in and attached the (Laptop Chip) on my computer. We had a busy day at the office that day and I was amazed at how much energy I had by the end of the day. The funny thing is that I forgot that I took the action with the EMF Solutions (products)… Benefits from day one that’s amazing.

Dr. Dee Dillree DC (Jackson, WY)
After Home Remediation:

“The air feels much calmer, quieter, clearer, and more peaceful energy for sure. I can literally feel it on my skin there’s not any buzzy energy.

Juliana C. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I was starting to get leg (tension) when I got home yesterday. Normally I have to dose up on magnesium and salt water. I was so tired last night I passed out. The 2 room harmonizers were plugged a few hours earlier. No (tension) at all during the night. Normally I wake up in excruciating xxxx. I am remembering the photos you have, showing how the blood goes into a xxxx state in a remediated field. Thinking that’s what happened with all the fluids in my body.”

Tracey C. (Los Angeles, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Normally I like to have some relaxing herbal tonics or even a glass of wine, but the last two nights since the EMF boxes were installed I’m finding that as soon as I lay down on my sofa I feel intensely relaxed almost as if I had taken sedative herbs. I’m finding that I’m not irritable, anxious, or nervous at night which has been an ongoing problem here… hoping this last.”

Alex G. (Fairfax, VA)
After Room Harmonizer in hotel room:

“I want to thank you for introducing me to your products. I placed the (Room Harmonizer) in my hotel room and felt how purified the energy became. It had a very calming effect on me. Best!”

Rachel (San Fernando, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I got home, installed the devices and last night had the best sleep I have had in a long time!

Kenny K. (San Luis Obisbo, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“So far our 13 month old is a different baby. He falls asleep way easier, stays asleep, and it looks like he enjoys it more because he’s not fighting against it. He never used to wake up and fall back to sleep on his own! The wifey is 22 weeks pregnant yet now has more energy than ever and yet super chill...”

Rick M. (La Mesa, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“I don’t feel like a total zombie (anymore). LOL. Seriously, before we left for FL it felt like depression and total fatigue and (had sleep and energy issues). I’m back to waking up before my alarm clock and being fired up.

Nick U. (Poway, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Within one week my husband noticed that he was waking up feeling refreshed. Even coming home after 13 hours of work in a good mood. My mother who has autoimmune illness was over and took a nap and passed out, which she normally can’t fall asleep but just rest. She woke up feeling refreshed and her (tension) in her hip was not bothering her. Over the weekend I was able to clean our basement which I haven’t had the energy to do in a year. Thank you so much for introducing us to your company.”

Amy W. (Troy, MI)
After Grocery Store Remediation:

“Remediated a 20,000 square foot health food store a few months back and have noticed nothing but good things happening including air feels lighter, , employees seem to be getting along better, I’ve been able to eat food weeks past expiration date without any problems. A customer used to tell me they would get (head tensions) in the store and now they don’t..”

Joel D. (San Diego, CA) - Nutritionist
After Home Remediation:

“We feel alive again! I’m not waking up foggy feeling and have more energy. Thank you for sending Kathy out. She is Amazing. Appreciate you guys.”

Megan U.
After Home Remediation:

“I definitely detoxed after! Brain fog, (head tensions), just kind of tired and spacey. I could feel that even that night after our rep left. After about a week we have definitely been sleeping better (staying asleep longer without awakening). I noticed my husband hasn’t been complaining of xxxx lately. Which he was having flare up quite frequently.”

Nastassia R. (Vista, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“My son (closest to the smart meter) has been sleeping in. Which normally happens about 3x a year. However, since our rep came, every time he sleeps in his bed with the Better ZZZ’s he is sound asleep when my hubby and I wake up. For myself I feel much more energized when I wear the Personal Card. On my tired, busy days it is super obvious if I forget it and then I put it on and an hour later… all better. I also feel ready for bed at the end of the day now, like a good solid tired.Before, I would still struggle to fall asleep even though it was midnight. Now I go right to sleep.”

Mary F. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“My husband is sleeping better as are our girl’s sleeps through the night which is a miracle. We also don’t have as many frequent (head tensions) and we haven’t been as tired right after waking up making us feel more energy. Less fighting also which is nice to have a calmer home. Not sure if it’s to do with a remediation but my girls were a little sick for a bit and we had some detoxing ourselves at the same time, which makes me think it could have been as we all had different symptoms and none of which we caught from each other like you would a cold. Exercise nearly daily and I never felt like I had energy after but now I’m starting to feel the energy I been lacking and the (head tensions) have stopped which is wonderful for me! My husband doesn’t complain as much either he still gets one once in a while but it used to be daily for him. ”

Jen C. (Allentown, PA)
After Room Harmonizer & Personal Device:

“I’ve had 2 days of no afternoon energy crash. Also, last night I plugged in the Room Harmonizer for my bedroom and I had a very relaxing night of restful sleep.

Dr. Nikoleta A. (D.C) – (Mobile, AL)
After Home Remediation:

“EMF Solutions has made a HUGE difference in my life. I used to have real trouble winding down to go to sleep. And I used to get xxxx around my waste-band and arms. We bought most of the products to cover or two-bed apartment and bought the Cell Chip, Laptop Chip, and Personal Cards. Now I don’t have trouble going to sleep. And after the intense detox symptoms I don’t have xxxx anymore. Anytime I used someone else’s cell phone, who doesn’t have EMF protection, I get (head tensions) and can feel the heat coming off their phone. These products are worth every penny of the investment!”

Sam (USA)
After Home Remediation:

“I purchased your Home Bundle and I wanted to let you know that I’ve seen great results. After years of struggling with xxxx, I am feeling so much better! I’m also 6.5 months pregnant with a healthy baby boy!! I made several changes to my lifestyle after the conference we met at, but I know the grounding and EMF protection made a huge difference for our home, as we live about 5 miles from a pretty major cell phone tower.”

Carmen M. (USA)
After Home Remediation:

“My aches and (head tensions) and dizziness has improved since using your products. I still haven’t been having lower back (tension) and haven’t been constantly rubbing and stretching my neck. My husband hasn’t been complaining of (body tension) anymore still. Love this stuff!! So glad I found you guys!”

Kane J. (Indianapolis, IN)
After Home Remediation:

Had the best sleep I’ve had in years the first day I used the products.”

Angela P. (Reno, NV)
After Home Remediation:

Sleeping deeper because I have A LOT of dreams now, which I know is a sign of getting into the good sleep… then more energy.

Natalie (Bronxville, NY)
After Home Remediation:

“I woke up completely clear minded. I even went to bed really late and was thinking about how bad I’m going to feel waking on only 5 hours of sleep. And literally nothing, no grogginess or nothing. Felt ready to go and fired up to change the world. Not sure if that’s a result, but I LOVE IT. Most of the time I literally wake up groggy feeling-ish, but that was completely different today, very different. Once again. Thank you so much, you’re a blessing!”

Brandon K. (Poway, CA)
After Home Remediation & Cell Chip:

Usually I sleep very light and may wake up in the night and not able to go back to sleep. However sleeping last night for both my husband and myself was smooth without interruptions. My husband also feels good. He notice that his phone is not hot anymore when holding it.

Jennifer V. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“My husband was the first one up and he slept in, and wasn’t grumpy when he woke up. I feel more energy and was able to get out of bed more easily.”

Kimberly (Santa Clarita)
After Home Remediation:

“We remediated our whole place with EMF Solution products. I sleep so much better and I wake up rested. Sitting at the computer no longer drains me, and that crawling sensation I get when I use my phone is gone. Thank you!”

Aviva E. (Chicago, IL)
After Home Remediation:

“Since remediation of the house, my husband doesn’t get massive recurring (head tensions). My 3 years old is much calmer in the house. Before he used to get wide eyed, wild, ultra-hyper, couldn’t calm himself. Now, he doesn’t get like that at all at home. When we’re somewhere that’s not remediated, he begins losing focus and has more frequent behavioral issues. I’m waiting to see what other changes we will have. Thank you for helping us out!”

Camille L. (Chicago, IL)
After Home Remediation:

“I have noticed I no longer have interrupted sleep , and if I do happen to wake up, I return to sleep quickly. I have more energy than before (feeling less zapped) and now able to go to yoga again. Before I was too dizzy and low energy to go. Lastly, I work from home, and am able to work in my office without feeling dizzy or intense brain fog. As far as my husband, his (head tensions) have subsided significantly and also noticed a lot better sleep cycle. I was so concerned I was going to have to move from my beautiful apartment, and am happy to report, I do not think that will be the case now. ”

Dana (USA)
After Home Remediation:

“Had axxxx for 6 weeks. Gone. Had (tension) on the left side of my chest, its gone.

Tommy D. (Madison, NJ)
After Home Remediation:

“The past 3 days I have had crazy tingling in my hands and leg when near my phone and computer. I thought it was so weird and kept complaining to my husband. It felt like my leg was always numb. Then this morning when I sat at my computer and felt it again I decided to check the box outside. Sure enough the harmonizer fell down and was on the ground!!! I knew something was wrong, I could FEEL it! I put it back and 10 min later already feeling better. So crazy!”

Renee F. (La Mesa, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“Hey. I’ve been hearing great things about your products. My sister-in-law has been telling me that people with Covid19 are (being supported)… with your products. I am eager to be able to make them available to my patients. ”

Dr. Williams D.C. (Los Angeles, CA)
After Home Remediation:

I’m amazed at the improved sleep!

Lila B. (Santa Barbara, CA)
After Personal Card traveling on flights:

“I wore the XL Personal Card during a trip for the first time, and noticed a difference right away at the airport. Usually flights are exhausting, beginning with check-in, but this time I felt well-rested, energized, and was able to read and comprehend what I was reading on the plane! Thank you so much!”

Susan (Austin, TX)
After Home Remediation:

“Within an hour after remediating my home, my (tension) had gone away. I just felt better even though I had just a couple of hours of sleep the night before. Last night I got a few hours of good sleep but did wake up around 4. However, my body felt quite rested, not fatigued, no body (tension), no (head tension)! Which I am grateful for.”

Melanie M. (San Diego, CA)
After Home Remediation:

I actually slept through the night for the first time in a long time!!!

Tanja W. (Orange County, CA)
After Home Remediation:

“My husband’s xxxx was (better) the last two days (since remediation of our house). (I’m) sleeping better and thankful for all you do!”

Mary Jane A. (Honolulu, HI)
After Home Remediation:

“I received my EMF Sol products yesterday and had the best sleep ever , that too in a metal bed! I am sooo grateful to you for creating this solution. You ROCK!”

Emma H. (USA)