(No charge for most SoCal residents and some other areas & states– call for details at 888-936-6363 or 888-93NOEMF)

We provide a service coming to your Home or Business, testing the EMF Radiation levels, and giving a FREE ESTIMATE of what it might take to completely remediate EVERYTHING in your Home or Business using the ALL HOME PROTECTION (see below). If we have a Rep near you, the testing is usually FREE and done by a Certified EMF Specialist TM.

Using 3 Meters we’ll test: 1. Electricity Radiation levels. 2. Dirty Electricity levels. 3. Microwave/Radiowave Levels.

Call us or email to schedule your test.

EMF VIDEOS – EMF Advice, Instruction & How-To’s
Click above for great advice & education on EMF’s including things like:
  • 1. How to address EMF Sensitivities.
  • 2. How to Muscle Test EMF’s on a home.
  • 3. EMF Intro Video.
  • 4. Why Pregnant Mom’s are crushing their Grandchildren more than their fetus or child.

We’ve remediated countless homes and businesses from Southern California to the East Coast. We have special ERT material (“EMF Remediation Technology”) which can completely remediate an entire home, business or large area. After we measure the EMF Levels to determine what is needed we then assist you in placing products in the best locations. (NOTE: Most homes require 1 Home Harmonizer which comes in the Home Bundle plus plus remediation for Cell Phones & Laptops…which need their own remediation since we are constantly so close to and touching them. )


It works just like the All-Home Service above. We’ve done entire office buildings and we’ve also done sections of a building for those interested in protecting themselves but not for paying the whole building. Call us at 888-93NOEMF to schedule your Test & Reading Levels.


First of course you’ll get the best products on the market by clicking HERE The most important place and time for you to have the best protection and reduction in EMF chaos is undoubtedly when you sleep at night. If you are not resting properly that can affect almost EVERY aspect of your health! The best way to ensure the entire home and family is protected all of the time is by using the Home Bundle or Condo Bundle but if you want to get started very small then we suggest to at least remediate where you sleep by using the Room Harmonizer as close to your bed as possible. There’s really nothing like this on the market currently.

If you want real peace of mind please call and speak to one us about what you should do to best protect you and your family. These areas are the most important areas to have protection:

  • Bed/Sleeping Area (Absolute most IMPORTANT AREA to address for all of your family members, especially newborns, babies, or younger kids. Best Solution is EMF Home Kit or EMF Condo Kit to remediate the entire home but for just your sleeping area the ROOM HARMONIZER will work perfectly.)
  • You – you should get a remediation device to carry or wear on you at all times. We suggest the Personal Card XL or the Adult Band for adults, and the Personal Card or Kid Band for kids.
  • Your Work Area(s) (especially your home or work office, at a cubical or desk or areas near computer equipment – use the ROOM HARMONIZER
  • Family Room/Couch Area(s) (or other places you and your family spend much time) In your Automobile (Most people don’t know this is one of the worst EMF areas and may be why so many people get tired when they drive a car.)
  • Where you keep your food (such as your refrigerator or kitchen counters)
(NOTE: We believe that if you use our protective products that you don’t need to limit your use to almost anything below. But here’s some other good free advice.)

It is near impossible to avoid EMF’s in today’s modern society so we suggest remediation with products that work! But here are ways to help avoid EMF’s some:

  1. Increase distance: for example, sit at arm’s length from your computer or re-position electric alarm clocks farther away from your body while in bed. If you are using the ROOM HARMONIZER by your bed or computer this should help greatly. Hold your cell phone away from your body at least 1 inch or more, especially when in use. (Read Cell Phone instructions and warnings and you’ll see most advise this already yet almost nobody reads these suggestions of course.) Fans produce huge Electromagnetic Fields so keep these FAR from where you sit or sleep and AVOID ceiling fans altogether! Or call us for advice on how to remediate these with a DEVICE CHIP.
  2. Avoid Ceiling Fans or being close to any fans, air purifiers, or other electric motor devices unless you have a DEVICE CHIP on it and even then you should still keep these over 6 feet from the edge of your bed. Surprisingly they produce large, disruptive EMF fields around them which produce “Front & Back” EMF.
  3. Turn off electrical devices such as televisions and computers when not in use.
  4. Avoid (or remediate) Google Home, Alexa, X-Box or Play Station along with all bluetooth headsets and quite frankly anything bluetooth or Wi-Fi that isn’t remediated correctly
  5. Limit use of cell phone.
  6. Limit use of laptops, tablets, and computers. (If/when you must then try our EMF Keyboard Pad…see above.)
  7. Use cell phone’s away from your head on speaker or use a protective device on your cell phone. NOTE: Bluetooth can be worse exposure than the cell phone itself so avoid or use trusted protection.
  8. Avoid living near powerlines, transformers (on powerline poles), large outdoor electrical boxes, cell phone towers or antennas, or other common sense sources of EMF exposure. If you already do then call us. If you are in the San Diego area we’ll likely give you a free estimate for remediating your entire house or apartment and from ALL of these devices around your home. For a free estimate go to the section under Services HERE.
  9. Repair faulty wiring which may be generating higher than usual EMF.
  10. Get something to help remediate your automobile, especially if you spend a lot of time driving. (Automobiles can be one of the worst places for EMF exposure so don’t forget this important spot! Our product, the Car Harmonizer, is one of the only in the world addressing automobile issues.)
  11. Do not use or at least turn off electric blankets before getting into bed.
  12. Do NOT use a ceiling fan above your bed! If you need a fan or A/C unit use far from your bed as possible…or remediate it with the EMF Device Chip product.
  13. Do not leave the TV on when sleeping
  14. Do NOT leave your cell phone close to your head, plugged in, or sitting on your bed while sleeping UNLESS you are using the EMF Cell Chip product.

*** Disclaimer: All of these products are earth based and were tested extensively using Kinesiology testing by a number of professional holistic practitioners all of which have concluded the same or similar results against WIFI, A/C, powerlines, automobile EMF’s, electrical appliances, cell phones, cell towers, and computers and laptops. Also there are numerous clients using the products who have made these claims. These products DO NOT reduce EMF’s but rather harmonize them by using proprietary products which filter the EMF.


Geophysics 5864 course — Gravimetric and Magnetic Exploration at the University of Oklahoma

(1) – Testing “ON” by using the O-Ring Grip Kinesiology Test first introduced by Dr Omura M.D., Sc.D. who teaches this type of testing at Columbia University in New York. A similar test can be duplicated and used as taught by Dr Robert Marshall, PhD, at Premier Research Labs in Austin, TX as used in Quantum Reflex Analysis.