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Products Included:

1  Room Harmonizer (plugged next to your bed)

1  Cell Chip

1  Personal Card (XL or Reg)


*** This Bundle hits the most major areas of concern:  where you sleep, your cell phone, and it adds a device to remediate EMF’s (mostly) everywhere you go. (But if budget allows it is strongly suggested to remediate everything possible, not just the minimum of course.)


NOTE:  The Personal Cards, Adult Bands, & Kid Bands help a great deal but would never be 100% on remediating EMF’s for a person.  On the other hand, it is almost a perfect situation when you remediate the actual space (with Harmonizer products) and devices (Cell phones, WiFI routers, etc).  The Personal Devices are meant for when you are not home, in the car, at work, or at a place that you can remediate fully such as the mall, a friend’s house which is not remediated, etc.

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Personal Card XL, Personal card regular