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  • Use to remediate high EMF emitting electronic sources such as:  all WiFi devices (internet router, Wi-Fi printer, Wi-Fi Direct TV box or AT&T U-Verse box if they aren’t hardwired), and rotating motor devices (such as:  fans, AC Units,  Air Purifiers, etc, especially if any of these are near where you sleep! 
  • EMF Sources listed above often measure over 1,000 times higher than the Safe Levels (Safe Levels = one’s which do NOT produce “Biological Effects” according to!
  • Most don’t realize that household fans produce a very large and disruptive Electromagnetic Field.  Sleep much better using this for your bedroom fan and if you remediate your home with the Home Harmonizer or if you use Room Harmonizer in your bedroom then we suggest using unremediated Ceiling Fans on LOW which is usually OK since they spin slowly.
  • (Approx Dimensions:  2.25″ x 7/8″ x 7/8″)

Installation takes literally 3 seconds…watch…


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Dimensions 6.5 × 3.5 × .75 in