All-Home Remediation & EMF Commander Box Instructions

All-Home Remediation Instructions – 4 STEPS:


Step 1:  Remediate Entire Structure with EMF Commander Box

  • Hang 1 to 2 outside home.
  • See below for EMF Commander Box Installation Instructions.
  • [If it’s an Condo or Apartment use separate instructions.  If you cannot reach an outside Gas Pipe or Electric Pipe then contact us at 800-482-9169 for additional options.  This product will remediate almost everything you walk on or sit on as well as TV’s, EMF’s traveling into the house from the outside, your smart meter, Direct TV satellite, and most small, medium, or large appliances except in Step 3.]


Step 2:  Better ZZZ’s in each bed

  • Place one between each bed’s mattress and box spring, cribs included.


Step 3:  Remediate any WIFI or Fans

  • …(or other major EMF Appliances)…ones which are near a bed, desk chair, or a place where people spend a lot of time – using the Appliance Harmonizer(which comes with its own simple installation instructions)


Step 4:  Remediate Cell Phone (super important) with EMF Cell Chip

   Then if possible… fix the less crucial sources such as:

  • Cars (with Car Plug-In)
  • Laptop (with Laptop Chip)
  • Yourself (with EMF Patch for everywhere you go!)
  • Tablets (especially kids’ using Laptop Chips)
  • Work Space at the Office (at work…with Plug-N-Rest in cubical or office plus whatever else is needed)



EMF Commander Box Installation Instructions:

  1. Hang 1 to 2 of these on Gas pipe &/or a pipe near Smart (Electric) Meter Outside.  Hang down only (w/ metal at top).  Best NOT to hang sideways.  Use Flathead Screwdriver or an 8mm Socket Wrench.  See example pictures below.
  2. QUANTITY:  1 Box for small houses…2 Boxes for medium to large size (or EMF Challenged) homes…3 Boxes for Extremely EMF Challenged Homes (such as:  Solar Panel homes, homes very near a cell tower or very large Power Lines).  Very challenged homes like Solar Powered homes are encouraged to call EMF Solutions for advice.
  3. DO NOT place on or directly next to water pipes going into a home!!!  This may overdo and cause too much detoxing of residents.  And FYI – Box needs to be NEAR gas or electric pipes NOT necessarily touching them to work effectively
  4. HINTS:  1st – Write w permanent marker “Belongs to owner” or “Unit # XYZ” on outside of Box, and 2nd – If ever questioned about it you might consider simply saying “It is similar to a “Hide-A-Key” Box…please leave it there for me.”  Also FYI – the gas and electric pipes on the side of the meter going into your home are your property (not SDG&E’s).


emf-commander-box-on-gas-meter emf-commander-box-on-electric-wire

Gas Meter Placement Example                                                                      Electric Pipe Placement Example


Both examples above remediate the Entire Home












                        Gas Meter Placement Example          Electric Pipe Placement Example