60 Day Money Back Guarantee Terms

EMF Solutions Inc. – 60 Day Money Back Guarantee Terms


No Reason Needed for Return:  There is no reason required as to why someone is able to return the products, as long as the products are stamped by the post office or other mail carrier service on or before the 60th day of the purchase.


Return Instructions:  First notify EMF Solutions Inc. by emailing us at info@emfsol.com that you are returning products.  Next, please mail products and a copy of the receipt along with the name on the purchase, your address, and the method of payment used (such as “Paid via Check”, or “Personal Credit Card”, or “Cash”).  Also if you used a credit card please include the last four digits of your credit card number.  Also please include the original packaging with all products.


Return Products to Actual Seller:  These rules apply only to products purchased directly from EMF Solutions Inc.  If you purchased your products from a Reseller (which could be any independent entity such as: a retail store, a Doctor, a Chiropractor, any holistic practitioner, an Independent Reseller Rep, etc) then these return policies do not apply and your items must be returned to the entity in which you purchased the items from directly.


Upon Receipt of your Products:  EMF Solutions Inc will inspect the products then will mail a refund check or credit the amount back to your credit card within 30 days after the receipt of your products.  You must follow the return instructions above properly to receive your refund.  Refunds will not be given if the products have been damaged such that they are unusable or un-sellable again. (Unusable or un-sellable includes but is not limited to products that are burned, smashed, broken, or some other types of damage).  If the EMF Patch is dented or damaged we will make an exception and return that product since that product is so easy to damage with regular use.